“A young lady of considerable potential”

February 3, 2012

“You are clearly a young lady of considerable potential”

That quote is from Peter Davies, Mayor of Doncaster. He wrote in my thank you card from the comms team at Doncaster Council: “Katie, It has been a pleasure to have you in the team. You are clearly a young lady of considerable potential. All good wishes, Pete.”

I am really sad to leave this placement. I did think about staying for longer instead of going to Doncaster Free Press but ended up deciding to stick with my guns and getting as many different experiences as possible.

Everybody made me feel so welcome, as if I was really working in the comms team. And when I left today they made a really big deal out of the work I had done for them. They got me a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, and a photo frame with my article/photo on the front page of their staff magazine, Spotlight, in it. As well as the thank you card signed by everyone in the team, my placement mentors, Philip and Laurence, made speeches about the work I had done.

I seriously had to hold back tears, they had put so much effort into making it an awesome experience for me and I really didn’t want to leave.