OpenAI writer: Fake news on steroids

March 12, 2019

Last month I heard that OpenAI had created an artificially intelligent writer. Terrifying, until I read in the next line of the article that they are withholding the technology because it could be used maliciously. Phew.

What they mean by that is it could be used to create masses of fake news articles. The technology only needs a couple of lines of human inputted text to create a seemingly realistic full article. 

What I don’t understand is the purpose of this technology. I am all for innovative solutions that make our lives easier, but this to me just seems like the end goal is a direct replacement for human writers. 

Most human writers actually enjoy writing – so why all the effort? Just to prove they can do it? To show off they can do something but not allow anyone else to do it?

In comparison to a robotic vacuum, which actually helps humans by doing a task very few of us actually enjoy, the idea of an AI writer seems pretty pointless to me. But I suppose I’m a little biased.